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Are you a cardholder of Argos Card? Would you like to manage your Argos Card online? If yes, you should go to www.MyArgosCard.co.uk to register your card. Once you complete the registration, you can sign in to your account at any time you like and check your balance and make payments in your home or office with a internet-based computer.

How to register your card:

To begin, you need an Argos Card and either your statement, or the letter that the card arrived on. If you've got them, open the website  www.MyArgosCard.co.uk in your web browser and click the "Register Now" button. Then enter your Argos Card number, expiry date,  credit limit, your personal details and a valid email address to fill out the registration form.

Click here to register now!

If you've registered, you can login your account to enjoy these online benefits:

  • Check out your latest purchases and balance at the "View account" page in the "Your account" section.

  • View your statements online at the "View statements" page from the account summary screen.

  • Make a request to change your credit limit through the "Request new credit limit" page in the "Your account" section.

  • Make an online payment at the "Card payment" page in the "Ways to pay" section.

  • Set up minimum payment Direct Debits at the Direct Debit page in the 'Ways to pay' section.

  • Request an additional cardholder to your account through the "Add cardholder" link in the "Your account" section.

  • Update your personal details and security details through the "Update details" section.

  • Need more help, just click the FAQs link at www.MyArgosCard.co.uk or simply call the Argos Card Customer Services on 0845 640 0700.

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